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About Us

Vision and Mission

To assist low income women gain self

sufficiency through our diverse

programs in order to transform their lives.

Our mission is to bridge the gap

between advocates of women's issues

and their target audiences using

various programs and projects.

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Who we are

Women Issues Communication Services Agency (WICSA) is an organization set up to provide financial, technical and advisory services to female small business owners irrespective of race or creed, in order to transform lives. Our guiding philosophy is to "Honor God, and serve others".

Our Journey so far

WICSA has been actively involved in women's issues advocacy for more than a decade. We started our first project by using a travel museum of paintings and sculptures to create awareness of the evils of female circumcision in Nigeria and on a global level.

WICSA used the exhibits as a platform for advocating changes to women’s lives, starting in Nigeria, Africa. From then we launched an international campaign that covered more than 200 cities worldwide. These exhibits of more than 50 works have shown in Nigeria, European cities and parliaments. They have shown different higher education institutes, such as Harvard University, Brandeis University, Cornell University and Oxford University.

The outcome of the exhibition that created so much awareness of the evils of FGM is that state governments in Nigeria, EU, and British Parliaments all reviewed the laws pertaining to FGM. With the review came relief for victims of FGM. Different States in Nigeria passed laws prohibiting the practice and foreign governments granted asylum and other forms of relief to women fleeing the practice.

Campaign Strategy

The exhibits were strategically designed to be the first level campaign of a larger, more global campaign to eradicate poverty, disease, and female Genital Mutilation. WICSA believes that an economically empowered woman is in a better position to decide what happens to her body, and her family.

The result of this FGM campaign, is that women are better able to say NO to FGM if they have the financial power to back their decision. Often woman who defy FGM may be kicked out of their matrimonial homes for not accepting FGM for themselves or for their daughters.

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