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Our Services

Services We Provide:

Consulting on women's issues and empowerment.

Training classes for aspiring small business owners.

Art Exhibits as platforms for advancing women's issues.

What we do for our clients

WICSA is committed to using the Arts to promote women's issues. We are open to partnerships with individuals or organizations looking to use Art exhibits to run a campaign on any topic of your choice

Small business ownership training class

The Exhibitions

In 2008, WICSA began running an 8 week small business ownership class for domestic violence survivors aspiring to own or maintain a business. This class is being expanded to serve all aspiring women small business owners. Please check back for the next class.

In 1998, WICSA, under the auspices of Joy Keshi Walker, the founder, the organization created an educational Art exhibition museum and lecture series that have traveled worldwide.

The mission of the exhibits is to use the Arts as a means of campaigning against harmful traditional practices especially Female Genital Mutilation with outstanding results.

The travel museum has shown in Africa, British, European and German (Bundestag) Parliaments with positive results. These exhibits have now returned to the United States since 2006 and have shown in Ivy league universities like Harvard University, Brandeis University, Oxford University and a lot more... .

WICSA worked in conjunction with FORWARD GERMANY, a not-for -profit organization that promotes women's health to bring the exhibits to Europe and to the United States.

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